“I really would like to meet that person who proposed that every man should have girlfriend or a wife at the tender age of 16 or 18. It has become a trend to most young people to have a girlfriend or boyfriend by the time they turn 16. (Enter the sound of music song… I am 16 going on 17…)” … More patience…


A Ship Called Doulos

There was once an announcement of the return of one of the famous vessels to sail the waters of the world. They call themselves the floating United Nations for you could clearly see the representation from each continent. It was a wonderful sight, giving you hope for the possibility of Utopia, if certain things were … More A Ship Called Doulos

Hello world!

This is my first post and this is also my 5th blog. One of them died already. I think that was Y!360. The other one is already in a coma. That’s the xanga, the posts of which I plan to transfer here. The other two, my multiply and friendster are the most active. Although my … More Hello world!