Huge Machines

There is a long road improvement project outside our neighborhood. The main road going to our street is blocked by a deep hole. While most pedestrians and drivers shake their heads in dismay over the traffic it causes, I stare in deep wonder at the construction work. Every time, this conversation happens: Adult Me: Oh … More Huge Machines

The Growing Seed

I remember the first time I was given the project to plant something. I bought an onion from the market. I got the huge white ones that we barely even use. The onion already had green shoots sprouting from the top so I got it almost free from the vegetable stand vendor. I don’t remember … More The Growing Seed

Lost II

I wrote an article a few years back about getting lost in the streets of Quiapo, Recto and Divisoria. I have not been to those places in a long while but I could still say that it is an effective but not time and energy efficient way to get to know a place. When you … More Lost II