I don’t know what’s happening. There’s a sudden influx of people greeting me today. I rechecked my FB  and it still says that my birthday could only be viewed by me. Weird. I guess it’s inevitable. Not that I’m complaining, I just wanted the day to pass quietly like the other years. I don’t know … More 27

Rain and Sunshine

It’s summer! Here in the Philippines, I used to love summers because those were times where you absolutely had nothing to do but play in the streets or if the budget allows, in the beach. I was a kid back then. Summers back then are more enjoyable. Now I see the summer as an excuse … More Rain and Sunshine

Nailed It!

Most people cried tonight. Christ died, so they said. It’s called the Holy Week. A week solely set apart to commemorate the death and resurrection of Christ. If you don’t have one where you live, you might be living in a predominantly non-Christian country. There’s nothing wrong with that really. Here in the Philippines, the … More Nailed It!


Disclaimer: I never intended to make this message seasonal. I mean the country is on a holiday because it is Bonifacio day, but we never had any traditions or celebrations as Christians. I think the only reason for that is because we don’t venerate people, only God. The same way that we shouldn’t venerate the … More Heart-to-Heart